Principal shall hold the overall academic and administrative responsibility in manning the college he shall liaison between Pondicherry University, A&N Administration in performing the administrative and other works for improvement of teaching learning process. He shall specially have the roll of preparation of budget, exercising the financial power in purchase and expenses, facilitating and supervision the teaching learning process, sending reports and statements to competent authority, requesting the administration for getting human and non-human facilities etc.
College Advisory Committee
The committee consists of nine members including the principal as chairman and two university representatives. The committee shall advice the principal in various administrative and academic activities.
Heads of Departments
The college has six main subject departments having direct relationship with students viz. History, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Commerce and Cooperative Management and five supportive departments viz. Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, English and Physical Education. The main as well as supportive department shall distribute the subjects to their respectively faculty members, perform various academic administration activities.
Hostel Wardens

The college has two hostels namely Boys Hostel and Girls Assistant Wardens. The administration of both the hostels are coordinated by the Chief Warden. The duties of Chief Warden Wardens and other wardens include supervising the discipline of students, supervising the work of supportive staff and mess activities. Besides that a full time hostel superintendent is appointed who shall assist the wardens to maintain disciplines and he shall independently hold the stocks and assets of the hostels.

Admission and Examination wing
The Admission and Examination wing is headed by the Academic in-charge assisted by two associate academic in-charges along with secretarial assistants. The academic in-charge is also the nodal officer for online registration of admission and examination with the Pondicherry University. The main works of the wing are admission and examination
Estate Office
Estate Office is headed by the Estate Officer. The Estate Office is responsible for allotment for residential accommodation, repairing and maintenance of residential as well as college buildings through APWD.
Officer In-charge Library
One of the faculty members is the Officer in-charge of the library who shall supervise and advice the work of library staff such as Library Information Assistant, Library Clerk and Library Attendant.
NCC Wing
The NCC wing is headed by the cadet officer
NSS Officer
There are two NSS Programme officers of which the senior Programme officer will coordinate the NSS Activities.
The Office of the Principal

The Office of the Principal having two wings namely establishment and finance is headed by the Office Superintendent assisted by Head Clerks, Higher Grade Clerks, Lower Grade Clerks and other technical staff.

Various Committees
The College has various committees either for the whole academic / financial year or as and when required. Most of the committees are headed by senior most faculty member or Principal. They are Anti Ragging Committee, Anti Ragging, Anti Ragging Squad, Purchase Committee, Library Committee, Canteen Committee, Student Discipline Committee, Cultural Committee, Sports Committee, etc
Grievance Redressal Cell
The College has three redressal cells facutty members such as Public Grievance Redressal cell, Staff Grievance Redressal cell, Student Redressal cell